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Indian Hacker Godzilla leaked Pakistan Government website's Database details

Indian Hacker Godzilla hacked the database of all Pakistan Government websites and dumped the database details in pastebin

We reported yesterday that the Pakistani Government websites suffers cyber attack from the Indian Hacker 'Godzilla' aka G.O.D , today he has completed the cyber attack against the Pakistan.

He has managed to compromise details from the databases of Pakistan government websites and leaked earlier today in a paste (

The hacker found there are three admins is managing the whole stuff of important Pakistan Cyberspace and common database structure is used for all the websites. He also mentioned that all websites are vulnerable to SQL injection.

In the dump, the hacker leaked the database information such as username, password(plain-text format), database name, table name and other details.

After analyzing the dump, we found the same password is being used for all database and is very weak password.   

"I must say without you it would have been difficult for us to penetrate into the system and your common password "111111" was like a magical stick for us." Hacker criticized the admin for their poor password.

"Pakistan is a country which is currently supporting terrorist activities through ISI, and if they regret Pakistan army and Ministry of Defense mail server backups are enough to proof how closely the are related to terrorism. Pakistan stop these activities before its too late." Hacker noted.
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