Chinese Government website hacked by lot of hackers

Today, One of the Anonymous News twitter accounts @PublicAnonNews announced that an anonymous hacker called Av4sT defaced the Panzhihua Health Information Network - one of the Chinese Government websites.

When i tried to visit the page, i have been invited with Anonymous Logo and " Hacked by Av4sT.  Access Denied" Message. 

After Gathering some information about this website, i found that this is not the first time the site being defaced by hackers.

The websites has been breached several times by lot of hackers.  In fact, I am still able to view the previous defacements.  

*A Hacker named s13doeL uploaded a defacement text in the site on 20 Jan,2013.  You can still see the defacement page here:

*A hacker named Jack Riderr from Johor Hacking Crew has uploaded defacement page on 20 Jan 2013. The defacement page is still there:

* Turkish hackers breached and uploaded their defacement also :

* In 2010, HEXB00T3R defaced the site but the defacement has been removed.

I am not sure whether the hackers exploit the vulnerability or the site has multiple vulnerabilities.  The question is whether the Chinese Government about these hack ?! Why they are not taking any steps to protect this website?
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