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More than 1000 websites defaced by Anonymous Algeria

More than 30 Chinese Government Websites and other sites hacked and defaced by Anonymous Algeria

The Algerian branch of the hacktivist group Anonymous has hacked more than 1600 websites.  Speaking to EHN, the hacker said the mass defacement was done within 1 day.

While the main page of the affected sites are untouched, the hacker just uploaded the defacement pages as "c.html" file in the target websites.

The team defaced the websites with a Palestine flag and a hash tag "#FreePalestine.  "This is a special deface for Palestine " hackers said next to the defacement list posted in the pastebin.

After removing the duplicate entries, EHN found there are more 1000+ defaced websites.  At the time of writing, the websites still shows the defaced page.

Among the hacked sites there are plenty of Educational and Government websites of China.  EHN analyzed the domains and found there are around 30 Chinese Government websites defaced in this cyber attack.

Here is the list of Hacked Chinese Govt. sites:
The full list of the hacked sites can be found here:
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