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An Interview with Antriksh.D.Shah (one of the key person behind NULLCON 2013)

Recently we witnessed the glory of NULLCON unfold, it is said to be India’s largest security conference.

Recently we witnessed the glory of NULLCON unfold, it is said to be India’s largest security conference. As this was happening in Goa, my friend Nikhil.P.Kulkarni @nikchillz caught up with one of the guy behind NULLCON, it was none other than Antriksh.D.Shah and when asked about NULLCON, this is what he happened to say.

EHN: Hello Antriksh, happy to see NULLCON 2013 starting off with a bang here in Goa.

Antriksh: Yeah, its really good to see that more number of people have registered this year than the previous years, and moreover we’re happy that this happened with just the word that spread from mouth to mouth.

EHN: So, what new do you see this time that you guys never saw in the previous years.

Antriksh: Well, this time we were really happy to see that more number of students are registering themselves than the corporates. That’s what makes us feel proud. And the best part is we’re going to be witnessing the presence of CM Of Goa Mr. Manohar Parrikar.

EHN: Oh cool, I just happened to see the List of Talks at NULLCON 2013, and I was amazed to see more number of youngsters speaking at the conference this time. So what do you have to say about this..?

Antriksh: Yeah, its really happy to know that the young blood here in India are doing such great researches and NULLCON is proudly giving them a platform to showcase their research and we encourage them in all possible ways.

EHN: Oh great to hear that, and what do you have to say about the venue. Any particular reason for choosing Goa.

Antriksh: Well the main reason that we chose Goa was this is the place where people come, relax, enjoy the beach. And when people come down here to Goa, they forget all their worries and just chill out. So that’s the reason we came up with this venue.

EHN: And here’s my last question, NULLCON is also famous for its evening parties, and last year we all saw the Belly Dancing happening. And what’s in store for this year’s NULLCON Networking Party.

Antriksh: Well, this year we have planned for a trip to Casino, and asusual the party is going to be a huge hit. And its gonna be unlimited fun this time.

EHN: Thanks a lot for sharing your time with us Antriksh, our best wishes to NULLCON and to all people associated with NULLCON.

Thanks buddy…:D
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