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All Pakistani Ministry & other Pakistani government sites hacked by Indian hacker

All Pakistani Ministry and Other Pakistani government websites hacked by Indian Hacker Godzilla.

After hacking the main Pakistani government and Army site,  the Indian hacker "Godzilla" today notified EHN about another cyber attack against the Pakistani Government websites.

Yesterday, the hacker hacked the Pakistani main government website( by exploiting the proxy-misconfiguration vulnerability.  Today he managed to hack more Pakistani website by gaining access to the Internal Networks.

"proxy was configured in such a way that the local ip was running through that proxy" The hacker told EHN.  "It is a local ip switched through the proxy"

"Pakistan Government Switches under control. Pakistan admins please dont disturb us when we are working. Your official website will be up as soon as we finish are work." The hacker said.

"You tried to use proxy for your security and we used the same proxy to crush you."

"IBM SERVER AND Layer 2-3 Gigabit Ethernet Switch Module for IBM eServer BladeCenter and 22 local machines were used to build the proxy and secure the digital cyber space of Pakistan. which is owned badly."

List of hacked sites:

Ministry of Information Technology of Pakistan

Ministry of Railways of Pakistan

Ministry of Economic Affairs & Statistics of Pakistan

Ministry of Interior of Pakistan

Ministry of Inter Provincial Coordination of Pakistan

Ministry of Religious Affairs Pakistan

Establishment Division of Pakistan

Ministry of Housing & Works of Pakistan

Ministry of Science and Technology of Pakistan

Planning Commission of Pakistan

Ministry of Minorites Affair of Pakistan

Local Government Division of Pakistan

Ministry of Environment of Pakistan

*Update 1:
 Pakistani Government under heavy cyber attack from hacker 'Godzilla'

*Update 2:
 Indian Hacker Godzilla leaked Pakistan Government website's Database details
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