TheR00tC0de found Two XSS vulnerabilities on Mediafire website

An Information Security Researcher with online handle 'TheR00tC0de' has identified two cross site scripting vulnerabilities in one of the famous file hosting service website , Mediafire (

In an email Sent to EHN, the researcher provided the two vulnerable link that executes the code injected by hacker. 

Xss vulnerability in Mediafire

The researcher claimed that he sent notification about the vulnerability to Mediafire Team and waiting for their response.  The researcher asked me not to publish the vulnerable link. 

At EHN, I have confirmed those vulnerabilities.  Let us hope the Mediafire security team will soon fix the vulnerability.

Recently, one of the E Hacking News reader Mahadev Subedi identified a XSS vulnerability in the File Uploading service of Mediafire .
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