#OpEgypt: Egyptian government websites under Cyber attack by Anonymous

Anonymous hacktivist launched cyber attack against the Egypt Government websites under the operation called '#OpEgypt'.

The cyber attack comes after naked Egyptian man being dragged across a street and beaten by at least eight riot policemen during a protest in Cairo on Friday.

The hacktivist DDoSed the several Government websites including Egyptian Cabinet(cabinet.gov.eg), official website of Egyptian Ministry of Culture(ecm.gov.eg) and NREA site(nrea.gov.eg).

Few more affected websites are Egypt's Information Portal(eip.gov.eg), Center for Information and Decision Support Cabinet(idsc.gov.eg), The Ministry of Planning and International Cooperation(mic.gov.eg), Ministry of Interior(moiegypt.gov.eg) and Official website of the Ministry of Information(moinfo.gov.eg).

At the time of writing, those websites are still down and being attacked by the Anonymous hackers.
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