Anonymous Hackers leaked 600,000 credentials from Israeli portal Walla!

An anonymous hacker going by the name of AnonSabre has managed to breach the servers of the popular Israeli web portal Walla. As a result of the security breach, hackers dumped around 600,000 email accounts and passwords. The hack was done as part of the operation called "#OpIsrael".

The hacker first uploaded the compromised data in 93 separate pastebin posts( The links in question are dead at the time of writing.

The leaked credentials were first found by PwnedList, a service that helps users figure out if their account credentials were stolen as part of a hack.

“The data leak included 583,083 credentials. The passwords were hashed and salted, but the salts were leaked as well.” PwnedList .

Walla has confirmed the breach, but the representatives say that the leaked data is useless because the passwords leaked by the hacker are encrypted.
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