Philippines Bureau of Immigration(BI) arrests 17 Chinese CyberCriminals

The Philippines Bureau of Immigration(BI) has announced the arrest of 17 Chinese Cyber Criminals wanted for Online Fraud and Cyber Crimes in China.

Immigration Commissioner Ricardo David Jr. said that the suspects , 15 of which are women, have been arrested in Makati City as part of an operation conducted by elements of the BI fugitive search unit.

The alleged CyberCriminals were identified as Cai Hong Ji, Mei Li, Huan Huan Yu, Si Meng Liu, Jiang Yang, Wenjie Yan, Ruicen Yuan, Zhi Ying He, Ning Zahang, Qian Shi, Liu Jan Wen, Chen Yan Ling, Peng Yuan Yuan, Ling Min Zhang, Zhou Xiao Yun, Chen Qing E, and Guo Yan.

According to BI report, the arrest come after the Chinese embassy request the BI to help them in capturing cyber criminals who fled to Philippines to evade arrest by Chinese authorities.

“All of them could not present their passports and travel documents, thus we will deport them for being undocumented and overstaying aliens,” the BI chief said.
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