French Ministry of Defense hacked and database leaked by XTnR3v0LT

The official website of French Ministry of Defense has been breached by a hacker named as XTnR3v0LT from XL3gi0n Hackers group.

The hacker leaked the database in pastebin.  The hack is part of their operation called "OpLeak".

"opleak is AN operation created by xl3gi0n hackers IN which we leak   more THAN 1000 database to show the world that they need more security."

The leak contains database details, login id, encrypted password.  The leak includes the administrator id and password.

"to NATO member and all those who support the attack on Mali. we are against this so you must expect us. congratulation you are now on the list of our enemy
France/UAE/UK/US.... expect us ..the message is clear. stop war we stop attack keep fire, we keep hacking" The hacker said in the leak.
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