Educational and other websites of india got hacked by Pakistan Hackers

The Pakistani hacker called as H4$N4!N H4XOR from P4K!$T4N H4XOR$ CR3W has breached few Indian Educational and other websites.

The hacker defaced the affected sites with their group logo. There is no defacement in the Main page, hacker defaced 'contact us' and 'about us' pages.

 Some affected Educational websites from Tamil Nadu are Meenakshi Ammal Teacher Training Institute (, Arulmigu Meenakshi Ammal Public School(, Meenakshi Ammal Matriculation Higher Secondary School(

The hacker also hacked few other sites, , and

At the time of publishing, I am still able to see the defacement page.  It seems like the admin is not aware of this security breach.
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