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Cyber War : 160 Serbia websites hacked by Anonghost

Anonghost hackers defaced more than 150 serbia websites.

The Mauritania hacker group AnonGhost claims that Anonymous Squad No.035 lost their Cyber war Against AnonGhost. The hackers defaced more than 150 Serbia websites.

"Anonymous Squad No.035 F**d bY AnonGhost XD !!!!!! they couldn't deface any website of Mauritania , they tried sql injection loool :v we traced the admin and we f***ed their websites country"

The hackers defaced educational websites including,,,, and

"To Anonymous Squad No. 035
Rememeber this, The Team you want to f**k with is AnonGhost and we just want to tell you one thing Lammer go watch cartoons ! and fuck offff :::Listen to justin bieber kidz it's good for education , hacking is dangerous for you :p iihihihihihihi " The hacker said in the defacement message.

The full list of hacked sites with mirror can be found here:

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