Anonymous hacktivist leaks 1.41 GB of Confidential data from AHK.DE

Anonymous hackers have leaked a 1.41 GB archive allegedly containing file stolen from German Chamber of Commerce (AHK.DE).

According to hacktivists statement, 2.7 Gigabyte of internal documents has been stolen from AHK office in Ukraine and Azerbaijan all from the personal computers of delegate of German economy in Ukraine, Alexander Marcus and his wife - Russian citizen and also FSB operative.

The hackers have published a preview of the leaked data which contains a number of 65 images representing scanned copies of various documents and identification papers.

"AHK is a type of organization which does lobby business processes in many countries while gathers intel on many business entities worldwide. " The hacktivist said in the leak.

"Just like in presented release of Ukraine and Azerbaijan offices of AHK - we can find internal info which AHK is not suppose to have in a first place - internal documents and financial reports and confidential agreements of Bahar Energy and SOCAR (Azerbaijan), Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine etc.
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