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5,000+ sites hacked in 2 days by Indonesian Top Hacker Hmei7

Hmei7 is an Indonesia Top hacker who known for mass defacement. So far he defaced lot of high profile websites and government sites.

Indonesian Top Hacker named "Hmei7" , known for Mass Defacements, has claimed to have defaced more than 5000 websites in two days(31 Dec 2012 and 1 Jan 2013).

So far , he hacked lot of high profile website including IBM, Microsoft, SIEMENS, AVG, Foxconn. He also defaced thousands of Government websites belong to different countries.

The hacker is not the person who deface the main page of the site.  He just upload a file named "x.txt" or "x.html" in the hacked website.

Recently, he hacked Government websites from China(, Pakistani government site(,Government of Bolivia (, Government of Greece, Government of Thailand, Government of Indonesia.

He also hacked multiple Madagascar Government sites including Ministry of Agriculture( ,Ministry of Commerce (,,

The Full list of Hacked sites :
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