Taiwan Government sites infected and used in Wire Transfer spam mails

Be careful while visiting Taiwan Government websites , it may redirect you to BlackHole Exploit kit page.  We have discovered three infected Taiwan government websites. Initially , the infection identified by @Hulk_Crusader.

"h00p://www.tai**i.gov.tw/page-3.htm <- another Taiwan .gov site distributing malware. (Copies of Policies spam)" The tweet posted by the researcher reads. At EHN, i have discovered another infected government website.

The infected sites has the same URL pattern ('page-3.htm') and contains an iframe pointing to BlackHole Exploit page "podaruno**.ru".

malicious script

After quick Google search, i come to know that the infected websites are being used in a Wire Transfer Spam mail.

Good afternoon,

Your Wire Transfer Amount: USD 92,710.37
Transaction Report: View [Link_to_infected_page]
TEMIKA Heller,
The Federal Reserve Wire Network

The list of infected websites:

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