Hook Analyser 2.2 Released , malware analyzer tool

Hook Analyser is a freeware project, started in 2011, to analyse an application during the run-time. The project can be potentially useful in analysing malwares (static and run time), and for performing application crash analysis.

1. Spawn and Hook to Application
This feature allows analyst to spawn an application, and hook into it

2. Hook to a specific running process
The option allows analyst to hook to a running (active) process.

3. Perform quick static malware analysis
This module is one of the most interesting and useful module of Hook Analyser, which performs scanning on PE or Widows executables to identify potential malware traces.

4. Application crash analysis
This module enables exploit researcher and/or application developer to analyse memory content when an application crashes.

Change log -

  • The UI and modules of the project have been re-written. The interactive mode is more verbose.
  • The (static) malware analysis module has been enhanced.
  • Bug fixes and other improvements.
Download it from here:

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