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U.K Ministry of Defence Hacked by Nullcrew

The famous hacker group Nullcrew hacked the U.K Ministry of Defence
and leaked the details in pastebin. The attack was targeted earlier
today, announced in twitter.

"We should have thedatabase from the UK Ministry of Defense (
up tonight for you guys. #NullCrew #FuckTheSystem #Nov5" Tweet reads.

"UK Ministry of Defence will be dumped in a coupleof minutes.

After posting the above tweet, hackers posted the link to dump.

"Your webmaster made a terrible mistake... You may criticize us on the
simplicity ofthe vulnerability. But if you can get so much useful data
so easily, why wouldn't you? We hope that all governments and
organizations realize that#FuckTheSystem is definitely not a joke. We
hope that you have the decency to grasp theconcept of it. But hey...
You're the government right... Just some butthurt little fags. This
security just proves how much of a joke our governments are." the
hackers said in the paste.

According to hackers' report , they've have breached the site by
exploiting the SQL injection vulnerability.

The leak contains server , database details. It also contains login
credentials including user, password and email address.
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