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Anonymous hacks Telecom Italy and steals 30,000 credentials, SSNs leaked

Anonymous hacked the Telecom Italy and steals 30k login credentials. They've leaked few passwords and social security numbers.

Anonymous hacker group has managed to break into the official website of Telecom Italy ( and steals more than 30,000 credentials. To demonstrate the fact that they hacked into the server ,they have leaked few data.

The leaked data includes four passwords, Social Security Numbers , Social Insurance Numbers. 

According to AnonHackNews report, The site has XSS error and vulnerabilities that allow third parties to access the "htaccess" and other sensitive data. They've claimed that they will not publish sensitive information of individual users.

"This one can define a simple notice to show that you do not have appropriate security measures. In fact it is very simple appropriated credentials and social security numbers." Hackers said.

" As said before the data released are nothing compared to the data in our possession. About 30,000 stolen credentials (such data will not be published in this) ask for a review of your services otherwise expect updates! "

In a separate paste, they have posted the vulnerable link that has Cross-site Scripting (XSS) + Apache Error + Directory Listing vulnerability.

Anonymous pointed out that one of the password is 'name12345' and recommends users to change all passwords relating to possible account.
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