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President of Argentina , and other Government sites under cyber attack

President of Argentina,Ministry of Economy and Finance of Argentina and other government of Argentina sites under cyber attack.
Argentina Government sites under ddos attack

The day after they sent a warning message to the Government, the Anonymous hackers has launched distributed denial of service(DDoS) attack against several Government websites.

Today, they have taken down the President of Argentina ( and Ministry of Economy and Finance of Argentina (

Other sites being targeted are Argentina Army and anses website. At present, we are able to reach and .

MEcon site displays "Error establishing a database connection" .

Hackers has breached the server belong to Provincial Directorate of Fisheries (DPP) (  They have leaked the extracted data in pastebin that contains database name, username, plain-text passwords.

Ministy of Science , technology and Innovation ( also got hacked and data has been dumped in pastebin. The dump contains username, hashed password.

Hackers leaked database from PAMI.ORG.AR that contains username, email address and some other information.

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