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#OpArgentina8N: Anonymous hackers targets Argentina Government sites

Anonymous Argentina

Anonymous Argentina targets the Argentina Government websites under the operation called "#OpArgentina8N". Today , they have sent a warning message to the government.

Hackers has listed their demands to the government in the message.

" The national government must comply with the law, respecting the basic principles of the Republican and democratic system. Framing all of their acts within the Constitution, respecting the separation of powers and freedom of expression." The first demand reads(translated).

The rest of the demands can be found here:

According to the hacker statement, they will start the attack on November 8(today).

 As part of the operation, they have hacked into and dumped the stolen data. The dump contains 146 passwords and some other information.

*Update* AnonymousTjTeam has tweet that the Argentina Ministry of Defence( is down. At the time of writing, the site is still down.
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