#opIsrael : Israel facing mass cyber attack over Gaza

In protest of attacks taking place on Gaza, Hackers hit Israel with mass cyber attack that resulted in hundreds of websites being defaced or tangodown, as well as database being leaked.

Anonymous has leaked documents of 5000 Israeli officials.  Yesterday, Pakistani hackers deface several high profile Israel website including BBC, Bing, MSN, Skype, Intel, Live, coke.

Several other hacking group also participated in the protest and take down the Israel websites.  Yesterday, Teamr00t has defaced multiple Israel websites.

Israel Secret Intelligence Service hacked:

The hacker group known as WikiBoatBrazil has breached the server belong to Israel Secret Intelligence Service(mossad.gov.il) and leaked account details.  The leak contains login credentials belong to admin and noc.


Confederation of Israeli Associations in Venezuela hacked

Venezuelan Hackers leaked 1850 Accounts of Confederation of Israeli Associations in Venezuela(caiv.org). The leak contains username, email address, name and plain-text passwords.


More than 165+ Israeli Sites has been defaced. The list of sites can be found here:
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