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South Carolina Department of Revenue hacked by Social Engineering attack

The reason behind the South Carolina Department of Revenue website breach : The hacker tricked SCDOR user to open malicious file.

social engineering attack scdor hack

End of the last month, we reported that the South Carolina Department of Revenue website breached and hackers steal sensitive information. The Cyber crime investigation reveals the reason behind the security breach.

After the Security breach, the state hired an information security firm to investigate the intrusion.

According to the report , the hacker tricked a user in the Department of Revenue's system into opening a malicious file that allowed the hacker to access the system.

Also the investigation discovered that the Department of Revenue’s login system for the computer also did not have the strongest protections available to verify users trying to get in.

By using the stolen credential , the hacker then remotely accessed the revenue department’s database and stole the information.
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