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Share news related to IT Security and Hacking, malwares and scam alert.

E Hacking News proud to announce the new project of EHN. We have launched a IT Secuirty News sharing website. There , you can share news related to IT Security, hackers, anonymous, malware , scam alert and more.

"" is in beta version.  I'm just developing the application to make it more attractive.  I need your support friends..!

Let us call this new site as SEHN. In SEHN, there will be No annoying ads ..! 

What you can do with Social E Hacking News(SEHN)?
  • You can submit link to your favorite stories
  • Describe why you like the story
  • You can also write your own stories without link
  • Shortening your link url into small url.(for eg:
  • Put votes for your favorite stories
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