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Hack Archive : List of Israeli websites hacked as part of operation #OpIsrael

The list of Israel websites hacked as part of operation called #OpIsrael.

At EHN , we have collected list of Israeli websites hacked as part of the operation called "#OpIsrael". 
Anonymous break into, a site for finding real estate in Israel, and leaked 2000+ username, email address, and plain-text password.  As usual, most of the passwords are 123456.
The data has been published in AnonPaste:

*Update* hacked and defaced with following message:
"People at the #Gaza. They might think they control u. But as u see, we control them. #WeAreLegion #Anonymous is watching ur back!"

List of high profile sites Hacked by Pakistani Hackers:

Israel Secret Intelligence Service hacked and data leaked by WikiBoatBrazil :

Confederation of Israeli Associations in Venezuela hacked and database leaked

165+ Hacked & Defaced sites
mail.axis-consultants.­­ || Fuck Sistem
www.דפוס-משי ||
45 sites hosted on IP Address

Hacked by Teamr00t:

Israel Ministry of Foreign Affairs ( )
Bank of Jerusalem database(

Mass defacement by Team MLA(Muslim Liberation Army):

Hacked by Troyan_Black
BAnk IS HAcker To by anonymous..

Israel Ministry of Justice Domain ( ddosed

Defaced by CapoO_TunisiAnoO:

DDos attacks:

official website of the President of the State of Israel( and hosting site are down

Defaced sites: | | | | / / / / / / / /

Defaced By bY #LaMiN3: hacked and database leaked by Anonymous. The leak contains username, hashed password and email address.

ig financial services defaced( )

Defaced by #Sund4nyM0uz

Hacked by Legatus Pilipinas

Other defaced sites:

Database leaked from The dump contains username, hashed password and email address.

50+ sites hacked by Mono_Ezpacial

The archive will be updated. Stay tuned. If you think i have missed some sites, please do inform us.

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