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ClubHack 2012 scheduled to happen on 30th Nov, 1st, 2nd & 3rd of December

clubhack 2012

The 6th edition of ClubHack has been scheduled to happen on 30th Nov, 1st, 2nd & 3rd of December 2012. The list of events includes Hack Night, Keynote sessions, Technical talks, Workshops, CTF.

Hack Night: A night where actual hackers spend time not to “break” into someone but to “make” something interesting.

ClubHack2012 presents 5 separate workshops that includes 'Securing Mobile applications – Exploits Demystified and Solutions Simplified', 'Managing Application Security', 'PowerShell for Hackers', 'Hackers vs. Developers', 'Advanced Pentesting Techniques'.

There is 12 technical briefings.
  • Detecting and Exploiting XSS with Xenotix XSS Exploit Framework (Ajin Abraham)
  • Smart Grid Security (Falgun Rathod)
  • HAWAS – Hybrid Analyzer for Web Application Security (Lavakumar Kuppan)
  • Real Time Event Recording System, the tool for Digital Forensics Investigation (Madhav Limaye)
  • Content-Type attack -Dark hole in the secure environment (Raman Gupta)
  • Legal Nuances to the Cloud (Ritambhara Agrawal)
  • FatCat Web Based SQL Injector (Sandeep Kamble)
  • Hacking and Securing iOS applications (Satish Bommisetty)
  • Infrastructure Security (Sivamurthy Hiremath)
  • Critical Infrastructure Security (Subodh Belgi)
  • XSSshell (Vandan Joshi)
  • Anatomy of a Responsible Disclosure – Zero Day Vulnerability in Oracle BI Publisher (Vishal Kalro)
If you register before November 8, you will get early bird discount. The registration details can be found here.
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