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Spam Tweets : "hey how many @ spots are available for the club"

Twitter spam mention your twitter handle in the tweets and leads to scam page.
money scam

You have lot of interest to earn more money and you are using Twitter?  Beware of Spam tweets that mention your name .  Today, we received an interaction in Twitter from unknown user who has 0 followers.

"hey how many @victime_handle spots are available for the club.My cousin @ChrisRipley77 is a member and doing great " The spam tweet reads.

The spammers failed to realize that their bot is sending tweets to E hacking News :) 

The quick search in twitter for the '@ChrisRipley77' returns the list of spam tweets.

After analyzing the result, we come to know that most of the twitter users replied to spammer account without realizing that it is spam tweet.  Even, some legitimate users has retweeted the post.

"I think u have the wrong name " One of the user replied to the spam tweet.

"Which Club Exactly? " another user replied to the tweet.
We have collect few spammer account and pasted the list here

The main spammer account 'ChrisRipley77' has link to his scam site where users are asked to do enter the email address, phone number and name. Don't enter..! If you give your details, it can be used for identity theft or can be used for sending further spam messages.
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