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Anonymous leaks 113K Emails & Password Of Israel, Bank sites taken down

Anonymous Indonesia leaked 13595 emails and passwords Of Israel, as part of #OpIsrael
As part of '#OpIsrael', Anonymous Indonesia hackers has leaked more than 113595 emails and passwords Of Israel and Support.

The leaked password is plain text format.  We are not sure how hackers compromised these email address and passwords.

"#Opisrael 113K Emails & Password Of Israel and Support LEAKED by Anony Indonesia on" An0nplus' Tweet reads.
The full list 4 MB text file is compressed and uploaded in this site ''

The hackers also target the Israeli Bank & Credit Card Site. In anonPaste , they have listed the sites which is being attacked. At the time of writing, we are not able to reach Bank Hapoalim ( and Adanim Mortgage Bank( displays "Hello From Adanim"

Find the rest of the OpIsrael hack here: OpIsrael Hack archive
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