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Spam Tweets : "My aunt joined and is making 2k a week in less then 3 months."

If you are searching for the easy way to make money, beware of spam tweet that mention your name in the Tweets.

Today, In the 'Interactions' tab , i got notification that one user mentioned me in his tweet.

"My aunt joined @EasyMoney*** and is making 2k a week in less then 3 months. Can I join too? @BreakTheSec" The Tweet reads.  Oh, you want my suggestion?! You made a mistake by mentioning my name in the tweet.

In the the twitter account 'EasyMoney***' , the tagline is written as "Helping others generate online income for the past year. I offer 100% free training and can get you making $1,000 a week in just a month for FREE! [LINK] "

"Don't be fooled by some work at home system that costs money to start. 99% of those are scams. Try mine it is free no hidden fees at all" One of the spam tweet that made me to laugh. Oh, really?!
The link provided in his tweet redirects to multiple sites and finally lands me in the legitimate flipkart site. @MalwareMustDie has confirmed that it is spam clicker, it will make money for the spammers.

There are plenty of fake twitter account post the same tweet and mentioning twitter user name at the end of Tweet. I've pasted the list of fake twitter accounts that involved in this campaign.

I used website called "twitwheel" to find out reach of scammer twitter account.(for the first time, i am using this site).  Lot of users has responded to this tweet by questioning "is this real , virus" and more tweets.  Few legitimate users also re-tweet without realizing the truth.

At the time of writing, i have discovered another variant of this spam tweet.

Hi @QuickBuck** thanks to you im in my 47th day and have made over $6k. Can my friend join?

Fortunately, the main accounts of spammer has been suspended by Twitter (Thank you twitter).

* Update : *
The New variant of spam tweet:

So @Paul38658587 can I still signup? My brother joined and is making great money @VictimAccount

Another interesting find:
Today, i analyzed the new variant of this spam campaign and discovered something interesting.  The main spammer account retweet some posts from Twitter users.

Now, i analyzed those twitter account also ; They have around 100 followers and posted some legitimate-looking tweets. But If you compare the latest tweet and past tweets , you will find the truth. The similarity among those accounts is that their previous legitimate-looking tweets is on Jul 5 or 6.

Obviously, Those followers in these fake accounts are also fake. I believe there will be thousands accounts involved in this campaign.

Another interesting find is that the main spammer account always use "Paul" as name.

*Update 2* :
Im joining now @Paul32518314 because my cousin is a member and is making 4k a month in less then 2 months
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