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"lol is this your new profile pic?" Skype message leads to Trojan

There is new spam campaign that designed to lure Skype users into clicking the malicious links provided in the fake messages.

A message that reads something like this "lol is this your new profile pic?[unique_string]." is being sent from compromised Skype accounts. The link provided in the message is created using the Google URL shortening service, leads to malicious sites instead.

Fortunately, the Google URL shortening service manages to kill the malicious shortened links in a very short time. But the attacker who run this campaign don't seem to be willing to give up just yet.

They are constantly abusing the Google URL shortening service by creating fresh links. Once user click the link, they are served a malware file called "skype_02102012_image.exe".

According to GFI report, running the file will cause it to self delete and the infected PC will begin making DNS requests to a number of URLs, including '.pl', '.com' and '.kz' .
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