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Interviews with Hackers: Today, interview with PrOtOn_An0n

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Hello EHN Readers, Today we interviewed Anonymous Hacker "PrOtOn_An0n", who take down several Child porn sites. Recently, he take down 89 cp sites. You can find him here @PrOtOn_An0n

*. Introduce yourself to our Readers:
hai, I'm PrOtOn_An0n and for the last couple of weeks I've been combatting child pornography and pedophiles on the internet

* . When did you start hacking ?

my first hack was in primary school, i think i was 11 i found out that i could get into the admin of a program called lexia which was some education program thing, so i change the information for a couple of people and I’ve been picking up things ever since. But I no longer hack anymore. I find that the operations I'm involved in work out better without hacking

*. How many cp websites did you take down so far?

101 exactly

*. Are you working alone or team work?
At first I was working alone, but I felt that it wasn't like Anonymous to work lone-wolf, so I compiled somewhat of a team

*. What about scammer and spammer sites, will you take down them also? Becoz i used to take down scammers sites.

Actually that sounds like a good idea. After we take down all the CP sites we can find, I will most likely start downing scammer sites.

*. What is your next operation?

probably won't be starting another operation until we have taken every single CP site off of the internet, which might take awhile. But I would like to work with some already existing operations like #OpPedoChat because I've already worked with #OpDarknet

* It is nice to talk with you.  What do you think about EhackingNews?
I've actually been reading it for a while, if I want news on hacking or anonymous I usually go there

*.Is there anything else you would like to add?
follow the team working on this op for more news.  @Anti_CorruptUK @Anon_Antra @uk_anonymous
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