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#FuckTheSystem : An operation against corrupt governments ,says Nullcrew

Nullcrew hackers

One of the famous Hacker group , Nullcrew, has declared a new operation called "#FuckTheSystem" that targets corrupt governess and agencies.

"For so long, we have been abused by our own people, who do not deserve any more power than us. We are all people, we are all human... And we deserve to be treated like proper humans. No more physical, financial abuse from these organizations and governments. It's time to UNITE TOGETHER as people. As people fighting for what we truly believe in; freedom." The hacker group said in the statement.

You do not need to be in NullCrew, Anonymous, or any official hacktivist/activist group. You don't need any knowledge with technology. There are other ways to fight. Protests, Articles, Video footage. By participating in any of those, you make all of us one step closer to being free... Once and for all. It's time to show our government, that we will NOT tolerate this abuse, that we are SICK of this.

NullCrew urges those who live in outside of U.S to provide information about the government that abuses their own people.

"NullCrew is kicking off this huge INTERNATIONAL operation, with attacks on the U.S Military, and also several of the States such as Montana and Texas (more as well)."
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