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Anonymous hit National Assembly of Panama, is down for more than 35 hours

Anonymous Panama

Panama branch of Anonymous hacker group, launched Distributed denial of service attack against National Assembly of Panama.

According to hackers tweet statment, the site is down for more than 14 hours as the result of DDos attack.

The description of the site in Google search reads "Blocked because of IPS attack. An attack was detected, originating from your system. Please contact the system administrator."

"The Assembly is TANGO DOWN LORDS ... Not only in the streets, on the WWW, TANGO DOWN ... We are Anonymous " The tweet posted by AnonOpsPanama reads.(translated)

"14 Hours has been a server and website of the National Assembly of Panama DOWN. We are Anonymous TangoDown 14 hours " The recent tweet reads.

At the time of writing,the website is still down.

The site is down for than 35 hours. The Google search result description title reads "Attack Detected".
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