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12 Child Porn websites take down by Anonymous

anonymous hackers

The Anonymous Hackers collective claimed that they take down 12 child pornography websites.  They found that illegal contents are being hosted in Free hosting site by google Search.

Criminals use the free hosting service such as for hosting their illegal contents.  So far , 12 CP sites has been discovered by Hackers.

According to the Pastebin post, The sites have random nams like 'asyesahjsa' so that the site would be hard for authorities and general users to find. Also the sites looked like a normal innocent blogs, which is an obvious attempt at hiding their illegality.

All of the sites found to have a login/signup page,  which means that they most likely had backend forums which would've obviously been used for trading CP.

"Our attack was planned and executed swiftly as to take down the sites as quick
as possible, and it was succesful, all sites are now #TangoDown permanently
and their IP's have been sent to law enforcement." The Hackers said.

"And so, we are now going to commence operation free host. Free hosting websites are clearly being utilized by pedophiles to host CP and forums for trading CP.  ANY site devoted to CP and pedophiles will be #TangoDown permanently, and any free hosting service refusing to remove CP/pedo sites from their servers, will be punished."

@PrOtOn_An0n @Tr3aXon, you have done a good job..!

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