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Government and Military websites hacked by #Nullcrew

The few days after the announcement of their operation  called as "#FuckTheSystem", Nullcrew has hacked into government sites and leaked database.

"#FuckTheSystem Zine Released: #Anonymous @EHackerNews @EduardKovacs @AnonOpsSweden @AnonOpsLegion  " Today, hackers posted the dump link in the Twitter.

The hacked sites includes Montana's Official State Website(, Force Health Protection & Readiness(, The official website of the State of Louisiana(, The Official Website of the State of Texas (, United Nations (

The database belong contains 7000 full names and password has been leaked.

According to hacker statement, the Montana site has vulnerability that leads to disclosure of all files on the server. Also they have stated that it contains Boolean-blind base SQL Injection vulnerability.

The dump belong to contains username and password in plain text format. More than 30 username, hashed password belong to has been leaked.

At the end of zine, they have pasted more than 2000 email address, username, password belong to the

The official statement of NullCrew reads:
We here at NullCrew believe in non-censorship, and have noticed something. We have noticed that the government will never change their ways, they simply refuse to.

No matter how much violence they cause, no matter how many times they refuse to admit their wrongs. No matter how many times they have denied documents for being factual.

 Even better, they REFUSE TO LET THEIR PEOPLE BE FREE! America, you have been a primary target for activists, and hacktivists alike.

The true freedom fighters whom prove you wrong, you censor us; lock us away in prisons.  You take away our freedom of speech, if the world relied on things such as free-source.. The world would be a less corrupt place.

 Sadly, that won't happen anytime soon; as long as people from the system are greedy! Everyone shout: #  Let us be free!
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Database Leaked