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1 Million Facebook user email address with profile url is being sold for 5$

Bogomil Shopov,an Online IT Marketing, Community and Remix Consultant, has wrote an article that explains how he bought more than 1 million facebook user data for just 5$.

Whiile surfing in the internet, he come across a website that offers the 1 million facebook user data.

According to cyber criminal who selling the data, the information are collected through their Facebook apps. Most of the user data are from US, Canada, UK , Europe and some other countries.

 The list is checked and validated once a month so you won’t get a list full of invalid or duplicate email addresses. Whether you are offering a Facebook, Twitter, social media related or otherwise a general product or service, this list has a great potential for you. 
The criminal has listed the information in zipped excel format that contains 100,000 email addresses with name, last name and facebook profile information.

Shopov has accepted the deal and bought the data.  After analyzing the data, he verified that all of data are valid data.

After publishing the article, Shopov was contacted by Facebook.  Facebook asked him about the website where he bought and asked to send the data to them.

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