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#OpGreece: Anonymous hacks Greek Finance Ministry and leaked secret documents

Anonymous hacks Greeak Finance Ministry and leaked classified documents. They have also leaked username and passwords.

opgreece anonymous hackers
Anonymous hacktivisits has breached the server belong to Greek Finance Ministry and leaked classified documents.  The cyber attack was described as one of the biggest hacker attacks against Greek Government.

The attack was reported by the local news site ''.  The leak contains e-mails and correspondence between the Ministry and the Troika representatives about the state of Greek economy.

They also leaked usernames and passwords. Guess what?! If you check the passwords listed there, you will remember our Magazine name.  Yes most of the passwords are 123456. (Read our magazine 'password is 123456' ) .  In fact, one of the passwords is '123'.

The hackers claimed that their aim is to expose all the data of Greek economy so all Greek citizens know the truth and thus just days before the 13.5-billion-euro austerity package goes to Parliament for voting.

"We gained full access to the Greek Ministry of Finance. Those funky IBM servers don't look so safe now, do they... We have new guns in our arsenal. A sweet 0day SAP exploit is in our hands and oh boy we're gonna sploit the hell out of it. Respectz to izl the dog for that perl candy." Anonymous said in the statement.

The documents has been uploaded in their own server:
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