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Twitter hires Apple Hacker Charlie Miller for Security Team

charlie miller

What is the best way to improve the company's security ? Simple, Hire a Hacker who know how to break the security. He will find the vulnerabilities and help you to fix it. That appears to have been Twitter's reasoning for hiring well-known apple's iPhone hacker Charlie Miller.

In a twitter post , Miller wrote , "Monday I start on the security team at Twitter. Looking forward to working with a great team there!"

Miller, a former National Security Agency(NSA) analyst who works as a researcher with Accuvant, is well known in hacking and Apple circles for his exploits of iPhone and Mac vulnerabilities.

At the end of last year, Miller discovered a bug in Apple’s iOS platform, allowing him to execute downloaded code on iPhones, iPads and iPod touch units. At the time, he was due to present at a security conference in Taiwan, but found his membership to the iOS Developer Program revoked and his apps removed from the App Store.

He’s also found a way to bypass Google's automated malware scanner(Bouncer) and discovered security flaws in Near-field communication(NFC) features on Samsung and Nokia devices.

Twitter issued a short statement noting that Miller’s title will be that of Software Engineer, but declined to discuss any further details.
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