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Cyber Criminal sentenced to 30 months for Botnet that hit 72k PCs


A Hacker was sentenced a 30 months in prison for creating botnet that infected 72,000 computers and selling access to them.

Joshua Schichtel, 30-year-old ,from Phoenix Arizona , sold access to “botnets,” which are networks of computers that have been infected with a malicious computer program that allows unauthorized users to control infected computers.

"Individuals who wanted to infect computers with various different types of malicious software (malware) would contact Schichtel and pay him to install, or have installed, malware on the computers that comprised those botnets." The U.S. Department of Justice report reads.

Schichtel pleaded guilty to causing software to be installed on approximately 72,000 computers on behalf of a customer who paid him US$1,500 for use of the botnet.
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