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"Safe Virus Scan" android app steals contact details

fake android antivirus

A new android malware masquerade as Antivirus app and steals your contact details, warns Symantec researchers. The app spreads via Spam emails.

The app perform fake scans of your Android devices. But, in background, it collects your contact data and uploads to an external site. The app is actually quite convincing and it is difficult to identify anything suspicious about it.

The app spreads via Spam emails. A link in the spam mail leads to a site that hosts the fake app.

"This is a popular method used by scammers to steal contact data in Japan. Some of the spam focuses on introducing apps throughout the whole email, while others only make a small note of the app in an otherwise unrelated email." Symantec researcher said.

" Some mention that the sender has changed email addresses so that the recipient does not feel suspicious about the email being sent from an unknown address."

According to the report, the malware is created by the same group who developed the  Android Trojan horse "Enesoluty".
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