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#OpTPB: Cambodia Government websites Hacked by NullCrew

The NullCrew have decided to target Military, Education and Governmental systems of the country of Cambodia, After the founder of The Pirate Bay( arrested in cambodia.

"Recently the co-founder of Piratebay was arrested in Cambodia, this seems like the megaupload case." The Hacker Said in the paste.

" As long as the government attempts to censor, then there will be more of this; what happened to 'Freedom.' It is angering, whenever they won't allow us the slightest bit of freedom on the internet, taking all we care for."

"So that is why #OpTPB has come to be, they should have expected it when they did this. Cambodia, we will not stop until you come to your sences.And now, for the leaks!"

They have started the operation "#OpTPB" by hacking the compromising the database belong to General Department of Taxation Cambodia( They have leaked the user name and password details in the paste. Passwords are in plain text.

The leak also contains the user name ,password data belong to Ministry of Public Works and Transport( and Institute Of Standards Cambodia(

The have also hacked the Cambodian army and leaked the user name ,email address and hashed password.
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