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#BankOwnage : Bank websites Hacked by the Hacker 0x00x00

In the past few days, The Hacker called as 0x00x00, have been busy in dumping the database belong to high profile websites. Today, he hacked and leaked the database belong to Narayani National Finance( and Standard Chartered (

"I am not a member of Anonymous !" The Hacker said in the paste. "Do what ever you want with this i don't care ! "

The paste contains database details ,passwords.The paste also contains two dropbox link that allegedly contains the full database belong to those hacked sites. The Hacker has also tweet a screenshot of the hack which shows the banks back end.

"knowledge is power & security is an illusion " The Hacker said.

The hacker also compromised and leaked the database of, and, as part of the operation called "#OpFreeAssange".
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