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ZitMo : New mobile version of Zeus Trojan targets Android and Blackberry

Security Researchers at Kaspersky has discovered a new variant of ZeuS-in-the-Mobile (Zitmo) Trojan that targets Android and Blackberry users. Zitmo is not new one, it is almost 2 years old, but the Blackberry platform has never been actively targeted by malware.

Researchers have found 5 new samples of Zitmo malware; Four of them are for Blackberry and one is for Android.

"And here we have 4 different samples of ZeuS-in-the-Mobile for Blackberry at once: 3 .cod files and 1 .jar file (with one more .cod inside). Yes, finally we’ve got a ZitMo dropper file for Blackberry." Researcher said in the malware report.

"As for Android, there is only one .apk dropper. But this ZeuS-in-the-Mobile for Android has been modified and now looks like a ‘classic’ ZitMo with same commands and logic."

So far the Zitmo samples target users from various European countries (Spain, Poland, Germany, etc). This case is no exception. 
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