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2000 Pakistani websites Hacked By Indian United Hackers

While everyone enjoying the Independence day, Indian Hackers enjoyed independence day on their own style.  Yesterday, Indian hackers have united as one and hacked into more than 2000 Pakistani websites as part of the ongoing cyber war.

The Indian Hacker teams Indian Cyber Army (ICA), Indian Cyber Police (ICP),Indihex Team Open Fire (TOF),The Revolutionary Army (TRA),Computer Korner,Team Destr0yer army,Indian Cyber Hunter and Marathi Cyber Army participated in the attack. There were also many individual hackers who joined this event.

The list of hacking sites includes Pak Communication(, pak education(, Pakistan Renewable energy socity(,Pak Electronics(,Pak Finance group( and more sites.

The list of sites hacked by Team Destroyer Army listed in the pastebin. There is around 500 websites sites listed. You can find more hacked sites here.

At the time of writing, most of the sites seems to be recovered from the hack.

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