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#OpIsrael: 500+ Israeli Forum Users dumped by NullCrew

The hacker group known as NullCrew and manst0rm have discovered vulnerabilities in multiple sites and extract database of those sites.

The hacker claimed that he got access to 21,000 Users, Passwords, First names, Last names, Phone Numbers, Locations, and more. But they have dumped a couple of Usernames and Passwords.The passwords are in plain text.

"Greetings everyone. For for too long, Palestine has been suffering by the hands of Israel. This is not just an operation within NullCrew, this is an operation that everyone needs to support, and attack in order for it to go successfully. People are dying, and this is our only way of showing Israel that it must end." Hacker said in the Pastebin leak.

In the pastebin leak, hackers also provide the vulnerability details of some sites and how to exploit the vulnerability.

"Believe us when we say this; it's not the end. This is a quick prep-attack for us to get started on the attack." Hackers said.
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Database Leaked