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#OpIsrael : Anonymous Hackers deface Israeli websites

The Anonymous hacker group have defaced a number of Israeli websites as a form of protest against the actions of the country’s government.

The Hackers defaced the main page of, a website owned by a company that offers surveillance cameras.

“This is for the loving memory of Rachel Corrie. An Israeli court has ruled in a civil case that the Israel army was not at fault in the bulldozer death of American pro-Palestinian activist Rachel Corrie. Israel must be punished for all the killing on innocent people!! #OpIsrael is here to stay until the Zionist State stops the occupation and the killings,” The defacement message reads.

As part of the Operation Israel, they also hacked Letters For Israel (, a service designed to give pro-Israel advocates the chance to make their voices heard.

On the defaced page, the hackers posted a message for Josh Haste, the site’s founder.

“Dear Josh Hasten, You have been guilty in supporting the Zionist State, by writing pro-zionism articles in New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, Time Magazine, and many others. The Zionist State is not innocent, it is killing innocent people, it’s time for you to know the truth. We have taken your website down,” they wrote.
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