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Microsoft Cyber-Crime Department Phishing Scam

A spam mail purporting to be from the Microsoft Cyber-Crime Department claims that all email users around the world are required to validate their account by clicking a link in the message or risk having their email address deleted from the world email server.

“As part of the security measures to secure all email users across the world, All email users are mandated to have their account details registered as requested by the Microsoft Cyber-crime Dept ( M C D ),” part of the email reads.

“You are here by required to validate your account within 24 hours so as not to have your email account suspended and deleted from the world email server. Kindly validate your email account to have your account registered, follow d link below: [Link],” it continues.

To make it more legitimate-looking, the logo of Microsoft’s Digital Crime Unit has been embedded into the notification.

When users click on the link, they’re taken to a bogus website that’s designed to collect sensitive information and send it back to the attackers, Hoax Slayer reports.
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