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Hackers compromised credit card data from Israeli WebGate company's server

A Hacker group called as "Remember Emad" claims it has taken control of an Israeli server • The group published lists of passwords for Facebook pages, credit card numbers and email addresses belonging to Israelis.

A hacker group, apparently from an Arab country or countries, claimed on Wednesday that it had breached the Israeli WebGate company's server and compromised information from its database.

According to Israel Hayom report, The hacker group said it would publish the information it gathered in stages, and has already released lists containing personal information, Facebook passwords, images of checks and credit card numbers belonging to thousands of Israelis.

"WebGate is considered the 10th biggest Israeli data center. It hosts more than 6,000 Israeli domains and subdomains." Hacker said. "Today we are going to publish the first part of its data. We have terabytes of data from WebGate, but uploading the whole chunk of data on our servers will take time, so we decided to publish them gradually."

The data published on Wednesday included an alleged list of a thousand user names, passwords and email addresses of Israel Broadcasting Authority forum members. A list of credit card numbers belonging to Israelis was also released, although some of the cards were known to have expired.

The hackers also claimed to have breached the page of the Presidential Conference, sponsored by President Shimon Peres, and revealed personal details about the WebGate administrator.
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