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Gizmodo's Twitter account hacked by Clan VV3

The hacker group called as "Clan VV3" managed to gain access to the Gizmodo's Twitter account. Apparently, it all started when the hackers compromised the iCloud account of Mat Honan, a former Gizmodo employee. According to Honan, that allowed them to take over his Google and Twitter accounts.

Hackers posted the following Tweet after taking control of the account:
Clanvv3 dot Com HIT US UP, CLAN VV3, Clan VV3 (dot) com
This twitter got a train ran over it by Clan VV3, Clan VV3 (dot) com
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Go to @Fend
Follow @vip you stupid coons
We all hate n*****s! http://Ihaten*****

Gizmodo quickly regained control of the account and apologized for the tweets having appeared at all.

"The weak link in the security chain turned out to be the seven digit alphanumeric password to our good buddy and former contributor Mat Honan's iCloud account."Gizmodo post reads. " After presumably brute-forcing his way into iCloud, the nefarious hacker was able change the password and gain access to Mat's Google account, remote wipe his Macbook Air, iPhone, and iPad, get into his Twitter, and then use that to access ours.

"While we managed to snatch our Twitter account back from the claws of evil, Mat's been having a bit more trouble. You can read more about his harrowing tale on his blog."

According to Hackers website, Clan VV3 have compromised lot of high profile accounts including Tami Roman (664,000 followers) Whitney Cummings (659,000 followers), Booker Huffman (300,000 followers) , YouTube accounts of MabeInAmerica ,Yonas and more.
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