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CVE-2012-4681 : New zero-day Java Exploit added to Blackhole Exploit kit

As we expected , The Cyber criminals have added the New zero-day java exploit to the BlackHole Exploit kit.

According to a post of Paunch, the Blackhole creator, the actual java 0 day (CVE-2012-4681) is available for Blackhole owner since yesterday evening.

"ATTENTION! Added 0day Java exploit to knock for new clothes, breaking is cool ... competitors - Tightens)))" He said(translated).

The exploited vulnerability exists in all versions of Java 7, and can be used to exploit not just Windows, but also Apple OS X and Linux systems

As there is no patch from Oracle, the only solution to protect you from this attack is disabling the Java.

Update: The exploit has been included in other exploit kits includeing redkit,sakura kits.
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