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Trick : Team Poison Hacker who leaked Tony Blair's data is jailed

A UK teenage Hacker who stole private information belonging to former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, and clogged up the UK's national anti-terrorism telephone hotline, has been jailed for six months.

Junaid Hussain, 17 and of Birmingham, the leader of the Team Poison group, broke into the Gmail account of Blair aide Katie Kay and stole information including Tony Blair's address and phone book - containing email addresses, phone numbers and postal addresses for Blair's family, friends and MPs.

When Hussain was arrested in April, a Facebook chat window on his computer bragged of "hacking a number of different people and organisations, including Tony Blair".

Hussain was duly sentenced to six months in prison.

"Hussain's actions were foolish and irresponsible," said detective inspector Stewart Garrick of the Police Central E-crime Unit.

"Today's sentencing emphasises the seriousness of his offence and should act as a deterrent to anyone else who feels that they can act in such a manner."
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